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Bob Taberner of Thefolkmag

reviews Something to Show by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

Mick Ryan seems to write an endless supply of quality songs that fit well alongside traditional songs as they do here. Micks own songs come from a variety of sources - his shows such as A Days Work which provides two songs Sons of the Land and The Prince of Peace, TV documentaries as in the case of the title track and books of broadsides and folk tales. The ballad King Kaley is the result of the latter source. None of these songs sounds out of place next to the traditional material, even when Mick has chosen such fine songs as Farewell My Dearest Dear and The Eighteenth of June.
Pete Harris is one of the best accompanists of folk songs around with a sympathetic feeling for the song that means that his technical ability always supports and never overshadows the singer. He can sing well, too, as in his solo The Grey Hawk, and his harmony singing complements Micks excellent voice.