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Collin Andrews of Whats Afoot

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

Now heres a band of young musicians who are very much in the limelight in the modem folk scene, with Sidmouth Festival and Great Western Ceilidh appearances under their belt in this part of the world. Hailing, now, from Sheffield, three of the band (Richard & Jess Arrowsmith and Gavin Davenport) also perform with the song group, Crucible (reviewed in an earlier W.A.) and have been brought up in a folk music environment.
Their music is not quite so way out or experimental as some other bands doing the ceilidh scene, and to my mind they have achieved a delicate balance between their own contemporary compositions, such as Downhill Dream and Watergoat March (the sleeve notes give an amusing account of the naming of the latter) and traditional sounding offerings ? though the Oddington version of Young Collins is one of the very few actual traditional tunes. The five? piece line up is used very effectively, the bass and guitar/cittern giving the driving rhythm, and the melodeon, clarinet and fiddle/viola intertwining melody and harmonies. By the way, Furze Cat, the title tune, is another name for the hare, an animal associated with the goddess Hecate. As they say on their notes, Hekety are a dance band, but also aim to make music worth listening to. They succeed on both counts.