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Pete Fyfe of Folk Northwest

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

Good god - I thought I’d just stumbled upon a long lost recording by the now sadly defunct Pyewackett! But no, this is the English dance band Hekety and make no mistake, they are “English”. Having come up through the Celtic culture (although I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s got something to do with my genes?) I therefore expect my music with something of a ‘snap’ to it. Unfortunately I find a majority of English dance bands too pedestrian for their own good. But there’s none of that here I’m pleased to report. The quintet appear to be having a gas with plenty of swing and punch whilst running through a gamut of styles – a reggae ‘Rambling Sailor’ anyone? Although I must admit that I’m not sure about the at times over busy bass lines (possibly to make up for the lack of drums?) all of the tunes are ideal for the purpose with which they have set out to achieve – mainly to make everyone get up off their backsides and dance. With plenty of counter melodies and harmonies the combination of melodeon, fiddle and clarinet is quite startling in a positive way. I can honestly say that my dancing feet haven’t stopped since I put the recording on and anyone who has seen me dance (!) would say that Hekety have achieved the impossible.