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Kathy & Bob Drage of Kent Folk

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

These 5 youngsters from Sheffield are very accomplished players (and dancers) with redhot timekeeping without the use of drums. There is a wealth of instruments - fiddle, viola, clarinet, Cittern guitars, bass and melodeons. The tracks are mostly self-composed but managing to sound very traditional. Theres a gorgeous Klezmer feel to some tracks esp. Furze Cat. Part of the ceilidh revival, theres enthusiasm, energy and charisma in their music. Their belief being that if music isnt good to listen to, why would anyone want to dance to it. It is vibrant listening guaranteed to dispel any gloom. Weve never heard Young Collins like this. The love and enjoyment in their music-making is communicated to their audience - listeners and dancers alike.