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Simon Chillingworth of Folk Monthly

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

Hekety are a 5?piece ceilidh band from Sheffield here playing what the sleevenotes call English music. On first hearing this didnt seem an accurate description for the wonderful range of sounds and rhythms provided. All is made clearer when one reads their web sites description of English ceilidh as `more rioutous and eclectic variation on English Folk, Barn or Country Dancing. Simple Folk Dances down with energy to music deriving from Irish to Caribbean. The tunes are mainly composed by the group rather than being strictly traditional but with clear influences from European and Celtic as well as English music overlaid with quite a jazzy fell on many of the tracks. The album fully achieves the bands aim of providing music that is good and interesting enough to sit and listen to as well as being great to dance to. As someone who has previously been separated from a big toe?nail whilst dancing at a festival ceilidh I should approach such events with care but we can look forward to the band appearing at this years Bromyard Festival.