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Bob Kenward of Around Kent Folk (UK)

reviews Roam the Country Through by Jeff Warner

Once again from Jeff, this is the real deal. He's chosen well in his accompanists, Ben Paley and Alice Jones, and tracks ranging from My Dixie Darling through Tenting Tonight, Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel sit comfortably side by side with fun rarities like Girls They Go Wild Over Me.

Jeff's gentle banjo style captures beautifully his mantra that 'the song's the message', and Ben's ability to capture the feel of a particular and appropriate era is vital to this. Alice, too, underpins the lyrics with harmonium and piano, adding variety in parlour style. Americana players will welcome the insights into presenting historic songs beyond bluegrassing.

Jeff's many fans in Kent and Sussex will find this a thoroughly enjoyable and listenable 17 tracks, as ever crisply recorded by Wild Goose. And please do read Jeff's interview in Living Tradition 125- it's a gem!