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Bob Kenward of Around Kent Folk

reviews Echoes of Alfred by Bob and Gill Berry

Right from the start you know you're in for a good time: a brisk snatch of Lewis Wood's fiddle, then straight into Gill's powerful No Followers, a story sung clear and warning of thieving young men... Then Bob lilting his tune to Jolly Waggoner in the persona of a horse... It'd be easy just to go right through listing the pleasures in store, but you've got to have some surprises to look forward to! Suffice to say that the songs are often given lively melodies by Bob or his mother Barbara which fit the trad credited lyrics delightfully. Interesting arrangements with plenty of space in them keep the narratives strong- you'll be fascinated to find out how many different ways there are to keep any audience joining in- a thoroughly well-crafted collection using acoustic instruments well captured ( well, you can't say well Goosed...) by Doug Bailey. There's some radical C19 protest in there, and the joys of Army life alongside superb versions of Salisbury Plain and Miggy Campbell's Days Of Summer... What comes over most of all is sincerity and the joy which Bob & Gill bring to singing. Highly recommended.