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Paul Davenport of EDS

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

If the music isnt good enough and interesting enough to sit and listen to, why should anyone want to dance to it?

Its a fair question that opens the extensive sleeve notes on this album. Now the question has been asked, what is the answer?
Hekety play dance music. The statement means that they play music to dance to as distinct from Mozart who wrote dance music for people to ignore completely (Mozart actually remarked on this fact ? not about Hekety obviously) Dance music means that you cant ignore it, I played a track to my mother in the car. There was something about loud music and an old lady of eighty something head banging in the front seat that un?nerved the young lad in the baseball cap at the traffic lights, leaving him stationary and shaking in our exhaust, but then its that kind of music. Good dance music has one thing in common whether Strauss waltz, Bach minuet, rock anthem or Hekety, the dancer has to be able to fall into the groove. This is a place in the music, in your head, somewhere where you dont have to think about the pulse or the timing or anything. The groove is produced by the music and then, once youre in there its timeless and weightless. This is an understanding that Hekety share with the aforementioned luminaries.

The album features 12 tracks. Some of these, although self?penned, have that authentic quality which the Japanese call shin, the sense of being ancient despite the paint still being wet. Here Playford sounds ultra?modern and newly written and lies comfortably alongside song tunes which actually sound like dance melodies, even while youre singing along with them. Rambling Sailor is the proof of this and is characteristic of the bands appropriation of the unusual. The dark Panache de Main set should be unconducive to jollity and danciness but the tunes throb along with the same driving pulse that is the trademark of this band. The title track Furze Cat is driven and then underpinned by a guitar solo which has the same stompi