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Ian Croft of RnR

reviews Mischief Afoot by Mischief Afoot

This is the debut album by Cotswolds trio, Mischief Afoot. Becky Dellow (fiddle), John Davis (recorder, bodhran) and Jeff Gillett (guitar and vocals), have all been around the scene for a number of years, and perform a good mix of mainly traditional songs and tunes, well suited to the folk clubs in which they ply their trade.

Jeff Gillett takes the lead on five good traditional songs with a pleasant, gentle voice that fits perfectly with the underlying tone of the album. This works well for a song like 'Blow The Candles Out' but 'The Golden Willow Tree' (aka 'The Golden Vanity') feels rather lightweight, and 'Bridget O'Malley' simply can't compete with the magnificent, late Andy M. Stewart.

The trio are excellent musicians though their mix of instruments doesn't offer much at the bottom end. Generally, this means that tunes at a slower tempo work better than the faster ones that tend to sound a bit thin. Several of the pieces are Irish session tunes, while others come from the likes of Andy Cutting, Alasdair Fraser, and Gordon Duncan. John Davis contributes one self composed tune, and Becky Dellow two, including the beautiful 'Ruskin Mill' that ends Mischief Afoot in reflective style.