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of Dirty Linen

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

Slightly newer and smaller is Hekety, an innovative acoustic quintet that came together in Sheffield, England, in 1997. Furze Cat [Wild Goose WGS319CD (2004)] is a splendid example of the new music being made in the current English folk?dance scene, a driving collection of mostly original tunes in traditional styles played by musicians whose backgrounds in rock and classical music contribute to their creative senses. Hekety adds a klezmer?seasoned clarinet to the customary fiddle/melodeon/ guitar/bass lineup in swirling improvisational arrangements, in which the instruments pass the lead back and forth like partners in a country dance, on tunes like the mesmerizing medium?tempo jig ‘Thankyou Letter’, or the graceful waltz Elvaston Castle. The fast, syncopated title track finds guitar and clarinet exchanging bursts while a squeezebox pumps a rhythm that suggests the stopand?go running of a startled hare, as a furze cat is more commonly known.