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Bob Walton of fRoots

reviews Gleanings by Hector Gilchrist

Hector Gilchrist has been singing and performing folk songs around the British Isles for 55
years at last count, and he has come across a lot of songs in that time! His slightly refined
tenor voice and Ayrshire accent make an excellent vehicle for another eclectic mix of songs –
Burns to Janis Ian (a particularly fine When Angels Cry), Steve Knightley’s Exile to traditional
ballads (including a short Sir Patrick Spens!), Mike Silver to Graham Miles.

Largely eschewing his own guitar playing, Vicki Swan, Jonny Dyer, Carol Anderson and Bob Wood
contribute some excellently appropriate plucking and bowing and stuff, and Moira Craig harmony vocals. Some fine gleanings indeed, ear-catching while still firmly rooted in the tradition, and well worth seeking out.