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Bob Taberner of Thefolkmag

reviews Furze Cat by Hekety

This release by Hekety places them at the forefront of the ceilidh bands in this country. Richard and Jess Arrowsmith and Gavin Davenport are skilled tune writers, laying down good themes that lend themselves to developing variations. Theyve chosen well from other peoples tunes as well as a few traditional tunes. Rambling Sailor, originally a song tune, is one of the tunes that Richard picked up in playing for Jockey Morris in Birmingham, along with the Playford tune Jamaica which they used for Young Collins (Bledington). Several members of this young band have had an early involvement with morris dancing and this has given their playing a very danceable quality.
Hekety are justifiably one of the most popular bands at the moment. Their appearances at festivals this summer should ensure healthy sales for this album as well as many bookings around the country during the autumn and winter.