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Dai Jeffries of R2 Magazine (now RnR)

reviews Time to Rise by Crows

In the late 70s and early 80s the golden age of folk music Crows were a fixture on the scene. Originally formed by two duos, Mick Ryan and John Burge, and James Patterson and the late and much lamented Ralph Jordan, they underwent a number of changes, with Dave Bordewey and Jim Younger replacing Burge and Jordan respectively, and Steve Faux expanding the group to a quintet.

At the heart of the group was harmony singing backed by guitar, bouzouki, fiddle and concertina, and this selection of material is largely traditional with three original songs and two covers I believe I heard Crows sing 'It'll Take A Long, Long Time' before I heard Sandy's version. You can tell immediately from the harmony style when the songs were recorded and 'Moreton Bay' is a perfect example. Mick is the leader only because he solos the first verse but the harmony vocals of James, Ralph and Jon have equal prominence in the mix the songs were set up for audience singing.

The tracks are taken from the band's two albums, Crows and No Bones Or Grease together with previously unreleased radio sessions, which will please fans but for me Crows will always mean summer folk festivals.