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John Waltham of The Living Tradition

reviews Time to Rise by Crows

For many of us, Crows were one of the quintessential groups of the 1970s and 80s, and during their existence they developed a substantial following. The personnel underwent several changes during the decade or so from 1977, although Mick Ryan, their lead vocalist, was a constant. They also recorded two albums, and the compilation CD under review here is in part taken from those, although half the tracks come from recordings made for radio stations and have not previously been released. These will be much appreciated by those of us who enjoyed the band in their heyday.

Crows enjoyed musical strength in some depth at various times the personnel encompassed the talents of Steve Faux, Jim Younger, Dave Bordewey and the late Ralph Jordan (who ensured the preservation of many of the radio recordings), as well as the vocal expertise of the aforementioned Mick Ryan. Their harmony singing was always exemplary, and this CD shows off all their abilities very well. There are traditional and contemporary songs – Mick’s own songs have always been worth hearing and even one they got from Blood, Sweat And Tears! So no lack of variety. Some of the songs, as is the way with everything, have fallen out of favour more recently, but are well worth hearing again, and should probably be sung more, and all of them will transport you back to those days when the sun shone and there seemed to be less worry in the world.

A very enjoyable listen, and an excellent tribute to Ralph Jordan's memory.