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reviews Off the Land by Granny's Attic

Granny’s Attic are three young lads from the city of Worcester, exceptional musicians and very fine harmony singers who play traditional music with punch, boundless vitality and with loads of attitude. They were nominated in the 2014 Young Musician Of The Year competition, and Jon Boden of the late lamented Bellowhead has acclaimed them as having “great tunes, great arrangement and great energy.” Meet Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, melodeon and anglo-concertina, George Sansome, guitar and Lewis Wood, fiddle and mandolin; apart from the trio’s dazzling welter of age-old songs and ballads, Lewis composes some exquisite schottisches, hornpipes, jigs, reels and beautiful airs which are peppered throughout this album.
The opener is celebrated shantyman and author Stan Hugill’s rip-roaring sea-song ‘Away To The South’ard’, quite a rarity in that nobody has picked it up – expect a rush of covers when everyone realises what a good job Granny’s Attic have made of it. ‘Lacy House’ and ‘Right Under The Bridge’ proves that Lewis can proudly hold his head above the Cuttings, the Sweeneys and the tune-writers of this world, while the trio has created the well-known pot-boiler ‘Horkstow Grange’ into a stately work of beauty. Lewis, Cohen and George have moulded this album into a shimmering cascade of sparkling runs, with the instruments tumbling after each other – it’s a fantastic and very exciting sound.
All the tracks – especially ‘The False Lady’, ‘The Death Of Nelson’, ‘Rod’s’ and ‘After The Floods’ – have much to commend them. The closing opus, ‘Two Brothers’, tells a ghastly tale of sibling rivalry which leads to a most horrible murder; Lewis contributes two tunes which brings the whole shebang to a close. One small niggle: there’s a strong South Midlands voice which does seem a tad forceful and pub-folkish when it’s exposed alone. However, it blends in superbly in harmony – and that’s what Granny’s Attic are about, creating a unique, wonderful noise. Let’s hope that we hear much more of them; these guys are very special indeed.