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Kathy & Bob Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Songs from the Past Into the Future by Derek Gifford

Derek has been singing for over 35 years and is well known as an excellent singer throughout the UK and abroad. His first encounter with traditional songs was in the late 60's and 'Dives and Lazarus' and 'The Bold Fisherman' are fine examples. A number of songs are from known songwriters like Pete Coe's 'Farewell to the Brine' with Anna Shannon on shrutu box. Environmental songs 'Do You Remember' Rod Sherman and Richard Grainger's 'Land and Sea'. Alan Bell's heartfelt song about the 2007 Morecambe Bay disaster .'The Cocklers Song'. 'Spirit of the Sea' Malcolm Gibbons is dedicated to the RNLI and Bob Watson's 'Nantucket Sleighride' brings whale harpooning up to date with a strong conservation message.

Derek is known for chorus and shanty songs and Mike Bartram's 'Songs They Used to Sing' and Les Sullivan's 'Five Rounds' reflect this. There is humour with Miles Wootten's 'Early One Morning' and 'Coming In Further' Brian Hooper. Derek's superb guitar and bowed psaltery is supported by Keith Kendrick on concertina, Paul Sartin fiddle and oboe and Gill Redmond cello.

Relaxed and confident with chorus songs a speciality, Derek's enthusiasm is contagious. You are soon singing along, thoroughly enjoying yourself.