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Vic Smith of Folk Diary

reviews The Whispering Road by SeriousKitchen

Over the last five years, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer have established themselves as one of the most accomplished and talented duos on the folk scene. Another of the performing irons that they have in the fire is giving shows with the master storyteller, Nick Hennessey and this is Serious Kitchen.

The spellbinding long story presented here is of Scandinavian origin frightening trolls, handsome prince, talking animals the lot! Nick has a great skill and grabs the attention throughout. Vicki & Jonny provide the music and the singing; sometimes as an augmenting background, sometimes as an interlude and at other times to accentuate important moments in the mounting tension with usually multi-instrumental Vicki sticking to her Swedidh Nyckelharpa for this show and basing much of the music on her roots in Swedish music.

The modern storyteller is often a performance artist but even on an album without the visual appeal, this is pretty gripping stuff.