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Bob Taberner of Folk Monthly

reviews Maid on the Shore by Niamh Boadle

The cover of the CD contains a tribute to Niamh's songwriting ability from Anthony John Clarke and there are three examples on this CD. Though the accompaniment for two of them is quite busy, they don't distract from the songs at all and they've been well crafted. In return, Niamh (pronounced Neeve) does one of Anthony's songs ‘The Only Life Gloria Knows’; about a homeless girl, which is one of my favourite tracks.

But it was here sensitive treatment of traditional songs that impressed me most. Although she's only 21, Niamh has a wealth of experience including Young Folk Awards Finalist and winner of the unaccompanied singing competition at Bromyard and three of the traditional songs, all Irish, are tackled unaccompanied. Three others (including the title song Maid On The Shore') get a sympathetic guitar accompaniment and 'Creggan White Hare' is sung to a bodhran rhythm, which suits it perfectly. There's also a fiddle tune 'Ice On The Water'.

Two countries seem to dominate in her song selection. Ireland, naturally, as she has an Irish father, and Australia, where her sister has gone to live and where Kate Fagan (sister of James and an influence) comes from. Niamh is now on the Folk and Traditional Music degree course at Newcastle.

On the evidence of this CD, she displays a maturity far beyond her years.

Highly recommended.