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Le Canard of Le Canard Belgium

reviews Sideways by Moirai

No, it’s not a wallon group but an english group. A female trio in the image of the spinners of destiny and modestly so. Their first cd contains many of their own compositions explained (in the book) in a very human and simple way as if you were sat at a table next to them.

Their compositions are charming and varied reflecting their meetings and life events. Their compositions are very natural with reference to other composers. Their first number is a suite of Bourres from Giles Chabanat where the sax gives a wink to Denmark! An irishman living in Switzerland, a canadian, the french group Le Gop (for a lovely Mazurka), sicily mixes with their roots to create a harmonious sound, warm and without affectation, instrumentals complimented by songs such as the charming ‘Magpie Sitting on a Broken Chair’.

Jo Freya (vocals, sax, clarinets, whistles), Melanie Biggs (Vocals accordion and flute), Srahah Matthews (Vocals, Violin, Viola Guitar) listen in peaceful setting where you can truly percolate (appreciate) these drops of happiness.