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Bob and Kathy Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Fortyssimo by The Old Swan Band

The Old Swan Band celebrate their 40th anniversary with this eclectic selection of tunes many of which the band has never recorded before. Whether English, Irish, Scottish, French, Canadian, Australian, traditional or composed, borrowed and/or adapted, they all end up with that gorgeous distinctive Swan 'stamp'. They bring a punchiness to their repertoire which is charmingly infectious. From 'Devon Bonny Breastknot', 'La Quellette', 'Leeds Polka', 'Gypsies Hornpipe', 'Barbara Allen' (which started life as a tune The Butchers of Bristol) to 'Salford Lasses', 'Herbert Smiths', Varsovienne', 'The Queer Fellas Shotese', 'Covent Garden Row', 'Rose Tree' and 'President Garfield'. This is good listening music as well as dance music. The sleeve notes are fascinating and a good background resource. The bands abiding wish is that you'll roll back the carpet, get the right shoes on and shake a leg that's what legs are for. May they play on for many more years another 40 perhaps.