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SB of Folk on Tap

reviews Swan-Upmanship by The Old Swan Band

The Cotswold Liberation Front, the antecedents of the Old Swan Band, came together in 1974 and immediately raised the hackles of the Folk Old Guard in DEFAS because of their innovation and refusal to keep to the established way of playing English dance music. With various personnel changes they continued playing and recording until 1983. Since then they have played but not recorded, until now, in their 30th year. Of course, in the intervening
time their style has been copied and advanced and been absorbed into the tradition. The current 8 members of the band bring fiddles, saxophones, brass, keyboards and percussion to the dance. Their music is no longer controversial; but it is jolly and thats a good thing for a dance record. This is good stuff in the most foot tapping of ways and I enjoyed it.