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Bob and Kathy Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Days O' Grace by Hector Gilchrist

Hector comes from a family well versed in singing and when he realised it was fifty years since he first sang at a folk club, decided it was time for another cd. He has a fine tenor voice with an incredible range and his interpretation of mostly Scottish songs is second to none. The traditional includes Burns 'The Gowdon Locks o' Anna', 'Lay the Bent tae the Bonny Broom' and 'Willies Drooned in Yarrow'. Hector's own songs are 'Strong and Faithful' written for the Maclachlan clan and 'Lang Road Hame' an itinerant farm worker expressing his love throughout years of frequent absence. Then there's 'The Trysting Fair at Falkirk' Bryan McNeil: Colum Sands 'Glassmaker Hand'; Ian McCalmans 'The Shian Road' and 'Faraway Tom' Dave Goulder. 'Just A Boy' by Alan Reid is about growing old. 'Turn Ye Tae Me' Chris North, is set to an old Gaelic rowing melody and the eternal 'John Condon'.

Johnny Dyer and Vicki Swan do most of the accompaniments, whilst Moira Craig provides lovely harmonies on some tracks. A beautiful album that is sheer delight to listen to.