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Ivan North of Folk London

reviews Far Distant Stars by Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner

Lynne and Pat have been on the folk scene longer than they probably care to remember. Individually, and in combination with a variety of well known singers and bands, `They have both served long apprenticeships on the shop floor of folk music as both performers and organisers'. This is their fifth album and on it they also play recorder, guitar and English concertina.

The Bold Grenadier features recorder and concertina and is a minor key version of the traditional A Soldier and His True Love. Other traditional sons in two part harmony include Sheep Crook and Black Dog and I must and I will get married. This is a conversation between a mother and a daughter about the perils of matrimony! They include a number of contemporary songs Graham Miles' How the Cold Winds Do Blow and Anne Lister's poignant Moth. On a lighter note, no Lynne and Pat performance would be complete without the humorous songs. Secrets takes us into the world of curtain twitching back biters, Mr Double Barrelled (a music hall song), concerns a girl who wants to marry to change her name from Smith to something more posh. I did find Stress Incontinence hard to swallow and it did have me writhing in my seat! Pat contributes Trolley Dating although I've never found love in a supermarket! Another of hers is Song For Tom a song in memory of Lynne's youngest son.

They are a popular duo and their gig list stretches well into next year. This is a very varied and entertaining CD. I wonder why it's called Far Distant Stars?