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Val Haines of Mardles

reviews Just Another Day by Tom and Barbara Brown

Most of the songs on this album are those collected by Cecil Sharp from two retired sea captains, Robert Lewis and James Vickery. In addition, there are three written by Tom and Barbara which are from a song series celebrating Minehead's maritime heritage. As with many studio albums the artists have enlisted an army of musicians to enhance their performance: Anahata on cello, Brenda Burnside on hammered dulcimer, Jon Dyer on flutes, Keith Kendrick on concertina, Matt Norman on mandolin and Paul Sartin on fiddle and oboe. Tom himself plays guitar, melodeon, concertina and harpeleik, a kind of zither. The added instrumentation does not detract from what we have come to know as the 'traditional style' of the songs. Those written by Tom also sound very traditional but they are the highlights of the album for me and I would have liked more.