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of Whats Afoot

reviews The Moon Shines Bright by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

This is a particularly delightful CD. An example of two-part harmony at its very best.
Though probably little known to many here in the deep South West, both Lynn Heraud and Pat Turner are recognised nationally as well established performers, both as solo artists and in combination with others - Lynne with Keith Kendrick was one of the guests at Wadebridge Festival 2004.
When I initially listened to the first track on this CD The Moon Shines Bright, in spite of the excellence of their singing, I did have just one small reservation. That being, would sixteen tracks of female vocal purity begin to pall? I can assure the reader that it did not. It didnt because of the diverse selection of material chosen, traditional, quasi-music hall, humorous to contemporary  with superlative harmonies applied and in two instances to Pats guitar accompaniment. There are one or two instances of double-tracking, a technique which I, in the main, frown upon. However, in respect of this CD it is tastefully and appropriately applied to musically beneficial effect, i.e. not to just create more volume.
Pat and Lynne, in the main, lean twards traditional English song but that in no way inhibits their considerable ability to write their own material, Autumn is Down by Pat and 1 Just Want To Be Like The Other Girls by Lynne are perfect examples of this. And I must not fail to mention Keith Scowcrofts Where The Seeds Of Love Grew put to music by Lynne ? brilliant. I wonder how many people in the South West sing Scowies poems and are oblivious to the fact?
Sometime ago, I heard Lynn Heraud described, as the `Hertfordshire linnet, which I think, is an apt description of her singing. Lynn Herauds soaring voice underpinned by and in combination with tire warm timbre of Pat Turners voice is a perfect musical balance. They are the best female duo that I have heard for many years