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Alan of Unicorn

reviews The Moon Shines Bright by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Unaccompanied two-part harmony doesnt get better than this. Sixteen tracks, and nearly 48 minutes. Of these, 7 are Trad or Trad +, and the others include 2 written by Pat, 3 from Lynne, and I co?written by Lynne & Keith Scowcroft.
A good mix, ranging from the unexpectedly philosophical Odd Sock and the music-hall style I just want to be like the other girls, to the unashamedly romantic Where the Seeds of Love Grew, not forgetting old favourites Cupids Garden (from the Copper family) and the bawdy Fair Maid of Islington
The harmonies are solid and unwavering, the words are sung clearly and totally together - not easy, even with only two voices. Lynne generally takes the tune with her clean soprano, and Pats warm mezzo confidently underpins. Pats guitar add to the mix on two tracks. Doug Bailey at Wildgoose Studios has done a top job recording - no tricks, just clean and true. This is their 2nd album, and should be on the buy-list of all lovers of good harmony singing.