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Tim Willets of Shreds and Patches

reviews The Moon Shines Bright by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner have been established singers in folk clubs and at festivals, either solo or in a variety of combinations, for some time. As a duo they sing two-part harmony, either unaccompanied or supported by Pat Turners guitar. Their close?harmony style allows their voices to blend well, with one in particular (sorry, I dont know whos) adding a gentle vibrato to what is overall a competent, relaxed (and relaxing) sound and its clear they are very comfortable both singing with each other and with their chosen material.
Six of the 16 tracks on The Moon Shines Bright are traditional, with the rest being from a diverse range of mostly contemporary songwriters - including the singers themselves - and including an Anglicised version of Burns There Are Few Good Fellows When Jamies Awa; whilst the singers themselves take or share the songwriting credits on five tracks. A couple of their own songs stand out, Pat Turners Autumn Is Down, a (perhaps slightly romanticised) seasonal look at agricultural life and love in times past, and Lynne Herauds I Just Want To Be Like The Other Girls, a music-hall inspired song taking a not entirely serious look at the difficulties of love/lust/finding a partner. The highlight of the CD for me though is their version of the Copper familys Cupids Garden, a favourite with harmony singers everywhere (and with good reason) - in fact, the traditional songs are overall perhaps the strongest here.
The Moon Shines Bright is a collection of well sung songs, some familiar, others less so. Theres nothing too demanding on the ears and if youre looking for a companion to a relaxed glass of red or two it deserves your