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Bob Brooker of Folk Monthly

reviews Songs of Old Appalachia by Alice Wylde

Alice was born and brought up in the Appalachian Mountains, being one of a large musical family. During her young life Alice was actively singing along with her Mom, who seemed to sing most of the day, and family, and also many musical visitors to the home. Much of the singing was done in the local church without instruments, but with, quote: "heavenly harmonies."

At the tender age of 43 Alice moved to England, bringing with her a whole repertoire of song and music from the Appalachian region (their loss, our lucky gain!) It will be no surprise that Alice plays and accompanies herself on the banjo, in true finger pick and claw hammer style, such a sought after technique so difficult to master.

The album consists of 11 tracks, but sadly there are no track notes to say whether they are traditional or original. However. Alice's voice is a pure delight to listen to, and it is not long before you are singing along in the chorus's and refrains. I love the track Groundhog along with My Old Brown Coat and Me. The instrumentation is simplicity itself, but so effective for the music style of the album.

A brief word on the production side of the CD, pure quality as you would expect from WildGoose, my only sadness is the lack of song notes, but the images and materials are all first class.

Alice Wylde is is going to be a name you will be seeing a great deal of at festivals and clubs nationwide so promoters and organisers take note! Alice will be a wonderful act to have at any festival or club, headlining in her own right.