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Kathy Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews When Every Song was New by Mick Ryan and Paul Downes

Mick & Paul were born in the same year and came to folk music in their teens and quickly became absorbed in the learning and singing of songs. The idea behind this album is to return to those songs learnt, almost without trying, from the folk scene in those early formative years. There are 4 exceptions 'Beccles Gate', 'The Old Jig Jog', 'Summerwater' and the title track (both written by Mick) which is a tribute to the folk scene which has given them so much pleasure. Mick is a fine singer of traditional songs and author of 6 folk musicals. Paul is an accomplished guitarist, singer and composer playing in many bands and on around 250 albums. Trad songs include 'Limbo', 'Knife In the Window' (a version of Hares on the Mountain), 'The Lovers Ghost', 'New York Trader' and 'Georgie Barnwell' which flows into a tune by Paul 'Among the Crows & Rooks'. Our favourites are 'The Grey Hawk' and Dave Goulder's' January Man'.

Listening to this CD gives the greatest enjoyment of songs, superbly sung and played by this wonderful duo.