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Kathy and Bob Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Wight Cockade by The Dollymopps

The trio of Justin Smith, Virgil and Dorana Philpott sing songs in harmony from the tradition of Southern England, especially their native Isle of Wight, They have an individual sound based upon rare source material, inventive arrangements and occasional use of open tuned guitar accompaniment. This second CD demonstrates a flair for unusual tune settings whilst retaining a central focus on I of W related songs. Several are from W.H. Longs collection 'Tally Ho, Hark Away', ‘British Man of War' and 'Jolly Harvestmen'; George Gardner collected from Islanders in the workhouses 'From Spithead Roads', 'The Gypsy Girl' and 'Come My Brave Boys'; songs from I of W artist, antiquarian and all round renaissance man Percy Goddard Stone include 'Recruiting Sergeant' and 'Newton Randy'. ‘Jonas and the Devil' is shrouded in mystery Bob Roberts who retired to the island claims he got it from his grandfather, but no traditional trace can be found. 'Bosuns Story' is a 'walk away' shanty. The trio have acquired copies of original handwritten songbooks which prove an unbroken singing tradition through the centuries. These promise to be a rich a of inspiration for years to come; an interesting prospect.