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Bob Taberner of Folk Monthly

reviews Buy it, Try it (and never repent you) by Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett

Possibly the most important bit of this album is in the sleeve notes, where the duo present ‘their mission statement’ The song comes first; then the singer's interpretation; then (and only then) comes the accompaniment .... They succeed so well at this that, the first time through, I found myself hardly noticing Jeff Gillett's accompaniments, so perfectly did they complement Ron Taylor's voice. It takes a musician of exceptional quality to produce consistently inventive backings, yet never eclipse the singer they're supporting.

And Ron Taylor is an exceptional singer, having learnt his trade with the Songwainers and Regal Slip, as well as solo. He has an excellent voice and, combined with his clear diction, he focuses your attention on the story in the song. Of course, good choice of songs helps. Apart from one track, written by Ron's wife, Maddy, all the songs are traditional. In some cases, they're revisiting songs they've been performing for years, but they have the capacity to make you think you're hearing them afresh.

Special mention must be made of the recording quality achieved by Doug Bailey of Wildgoose Records.

May 2014