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Kathy Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Buy it, Try it (and never repent you) by Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett

All these songs are rooted firmly in the tradition and Ron and Geoff were attracted to them by both the melody and words. They have revisited songs they have sung for years, some for a while and a few new to the repertoire; none have been previously recorded. Ron is a fine singer of traditional folk song and has a glorious voice. Having sung mostly unaccompanied, it was something of a departure to have an accompanist, and who better than Jeff Gillett. He is very aware of the singer's interpretation and sets out to enhance and support it without imposing any rhythmic constraints. He can of course provide a solid rhythm when required on guitar, mandola and concertina. Songs range from 'Lovely Joan', 'Reynard the Fox', 'Banks of Green Willow', 'Stormy Scenes of Winter to 'Sir Patrick Spens', 'Low Down in the Broom' and the gorgeous 'Rosie Grey' and 'Rambleaway'. Supported by musicians Gill Redmond cello; Becky Dellow fiddle; Steve Tyler hurdy gurdy and Katy Marchant recorder and bagpipes it is a superb cd that is good listening.