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Chris Mills of Fiddle Magazine

reviews Old Virginia by Rattle on the Stovepipe

Some classy playing on this CD from Rattle on the Stovepipe, outstanding fiddle, guitar and banjo from the band members, Pete Cooper, Dave Arthur and Dan Stewart.

They are all multi instrumentalists who respect this music and know the style inside out. And they do play well together, with a sensitivity to each other's contribution, a hallmark of any good band. There are some well chosen harmonies and neatly swapped licks between fiddle and banjo, as on "Bonnie Prince Charlie" and "Santa Anna's Retreat" and Davey Arthur's self penned ballad, 'Young and Venturesome' which tells the story of an Englishman finding misadventure in the American Civil War using the tune "Angelina Baker" as a theme, is very engaging. There is also a version of "Shove the Pigfoot a Little Further in the Fire" with fiddle and melodeon, the latter adding a nice feel of Eurobounce to the listener's experience.

The pleasure of seeing Pete's Appalachian style fiddle and the excellent musicianship of Dan and Dave in a live setting is not to be missed, so go along if you get the chance.

This is a great CD which represents the style well, but this kind of music is always at its best and most distinctive when
played live.