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Dai Woosnam of Dai Woosnam

reviews The Moon Shines Bright by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

If his duo from South east England are here building on the critical success of their first album “Parallel” which was released in April 2003. They are vastly experienced performers who are stalwarts of the UK folk scene.

Here they have come up with an album where ECLECTICISM seems to be the watchword. Both show their skills as songwriters (Turner’s “Autumn Is Down” and Heraud’s “Odd Sock” being perfectly respectable stabs at memorability); both know a traditional gem when they see one (the Coppers’ “Cupid’s Garden” and a favourite Welsh language song, here translated into English as “The Golden Wheat“); and they exhibit an admirable penchant for the Folk(ish) avant garde (as in their decision to run with Patti Scialfa’s Dory Previn-like attempt at obfuscation with “Spanish Dancer”.

But on the odd occasion here their critical faculties desert them in their choice of song. For instance, toward the end of the CD they sing an anti-war song that doesn’t really cut the mustard. And believe me, I wish it did. Nothing would please me more than to have it played to Bush, Blairescu and Hussein in their cells at the Hague, but were the fantasy to prove true and we were in that wonderful position, trust me, this song would have zero impact. It’s got that Coca-Cola saccharine sweetness of wanting to teach the world to sing (and study war no more).

But, methinks a minor criticism. The album is a generally pleasing one, and one that will make a nice souvenir for fans who have just seen the duo in a folk club gig. The voices blend well, and Pat plays a competent guitar accompaniment.