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John Denny of Thefolkmag

reviews The Moon Shines Bright by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Lynne and Pats voices are very different to each other but contrast very
well. Pat plays the guitar. The opening track is The Moon Shines Bright
(trad). It has the air of being a traditional Easter carol. Autumn is Down
is written by Pat Turner about working the land, harvesting the grain before
it rains again. It is sung very effectively as an a cappella duet. Odd Sock,
written by Lynne Heraud, is a neatly written song for the single person. It
is pleasing to see another poem by Keith Scowcroft put to a tune by Lynne
Heraud and Where the Seeds of Love Grew is an excellent example of his work.

I like Cupids Garden (trad.) and particularly the way Pat and Lynne sing
it. Nothing fancy, just well and simply done. Fair Maid of Islington (trad.)
is a tale frequently encountered of wild oats sown and reaped (in this case)
in a law court. It is nicely done. Regret, written by Lynne Heraud,
expresses a type of emotional courage needed to end a relationship. Bright
Fine Gold is an unusual traditional song about a get rich quick person not
getting rich enough fast enough, if at all.

The chorus of No More (Brenda Orrell) is one I could quite happily join
with. It probably will not change anything but the thought of no more war
has timeless appeal that could have been written at any period of the last
two hundred years. The record ends with the comically heart rending I Just
Want to be Like the Other Girls (Heraud). The writing style is reminiscent
of Keith Marsden at his whimsical best.

Lynne and Pat have produced a very listenable CD and I look forward to more
from them.