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Tony O Neill of Shire Folk

reviews Buy it, Try it (and never repent you) by Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett

I don’t know how long Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett have been performing together but what a delicious pairing it is! With Ron’s beautiful voice and Jeff’s superb musicianship (particularly on guitar but also on mandola and concertina) I can’t see how they can fail! They are also joined on the recording by Gill Redmond (cello), Becky Dellow (fiddle), Steve Tyler (hurdy-gurdy) and Katy Marchant (recorder and bagpipes).

This their second CD with Wild Goose (and the redoubtable Doug Bailey) and is firmly rooted in the Tradition (with the exception of ‘Rosie Grey’ written by Maddy Taylor, inspired by a real person and traditional enough sounding as to not matter). Ron and Jeff remark in the sleeve notes that the songs have attracted them ‘by both the melodies and the words’ and it shows!

The 13 tracks are a nice mix of ‘standards’ that you can never hear enough of such as ‘Lovely Joan’, ‘Low Down in the Broom’, ‘Banks of Green Willow’ and ‘Sir Patrick Spens’ and some less well known items such as ‘Long Peggin’ Awl’, ‘Stormy Scenes of Winter’ and ‘Holland’s Leaguer’, all of which are worth a listen (or two). I particularly enjoyed ‘Rosie Grey’ and ‘Holland’s Leaguer’.
Only one query, but no doubt some day, Ron or Jeff will explain the significance of the album’s title ‘Buy It, Try It and Repent You Not’ to me!

I like the presentation, particularly the cover picture from a poster for ‘Nell Gynne’ marmalade, The booklet with notes by Jeff are sufficiently detailed and knowledgeable to satisfy even me.