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Dai Jeffries of R2 4 stars

reviews Wreck off Scilly by Andy Clarke and Steve Tyler

The combination of hurdy gurdy and bouzouki isn't unique but it's far from common and, although they double up on cittern and guitar, the sound of this album is the drones and buzz and insistent strings of their main instruments.

Andy and Steve are from Devon but they don't restrict themselves, although Baring Gould receives several credits
the title track is one of his. 'Coal Owner And The Poor Pitman's Wife' is from Durham and there are bouree and Playford tunes, Danish polkas and a 14th century pilgrim song.

The duo has assembled several songs from available elements. 'Rosemary Fair' is somewhere near Scarborough and started life as an Irish version of the song. Andy composed the tune for 'Childe The Hunter' and found one for 'Cold Blows The Winter Wind', both from the Baring Gould collection.

The performances are natural and relaxed but the hurdy gurdy adds a contrasting level of complexity to the sound Steve's tune, 'The Wendigo', is an exploration of what the instrument can do. This really is a very good album.