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David Hintz of Folk World Germany

reviews On Blue Stockings by Lauren McCormick

Fans of Barbara St. John, Frankie Armstrong, and even Sandy Denny take note here. Lauren McCormick is here to handle classic folk songs either a capella or with light instrumental accompaniment. McCormick is a graduate of the Newcastle University with a Folk and Traditional Music degree, which sounds a lot more fun than my accounting degree. But she can physically as well as intellectually carry these tunes far better than I or many others can, so she has moved on to working with Shirley Collins and has also toured with Waterson-Carthy. In fact, Waterson-Carthy fans will really take to this, as the folk spirit is very similar here in voice and arrangements. There some originals and a Dylan and Cohen cover, as well. But with solid versions of “Trees Grow High” and “The Cuckoo”, I know which tunes I will be gravitating toward.