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Graham Metcalfe


My first impression is of a rich, mellow voice singing folk songs as perhaps they were always meant to be - sung well by an ordinary man in the way he wants to sing them. The style is true Yorkshire and typical of Graham. Grace notes come naturally without pretence or affectation so that you hardly notice them. Roger Tyler

Some of you may know Graham as one-third of trio GMW (with Magpie Lanes Ian Giles, and Ian Woods), others as half of duo Folly Bridge (again with Ian G), but the plain truth is that Grahams an impressive singer in his own right, with a marvellous voice possessing a wide range and an especially attractive lower register. He is naturally relaxed and totally at ease with his chosen material, which he performs with real conviction and not a trace of complacency. He has a very distinctive style, with a natural flow in the delivery, a control of melodic line which incorporates a sweet and infectious passion; this passion is expressed without sentimentality or over-emoting. David Kidman

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