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Roy Clinging & Neil Brookes


Roy and Neil both hail from the fair county of Cheshire and still reside in the area. Traditional music is in their blood. Both were brought up in families with a strong background of songs, music and dance, and they draw on these influences which help to produce their unique blend of sounds and material.

Roys great love is traditional song and he is constantly seeking different and interesting versions. He performs material from a wide variety of sources with a strong repertoire of songs, ballads and maritime material as well as items from his own extensive research into the folk heritage of his native county (a selection of this work has recently been published as Cheshire Folk Songs and Associated Traditions - Leonie Press, 2005).

Neil, on the other hand, is an outstanding dance musician with a distinct English fiddle style, which has developed from an eclectic range of influences. His experience also extends to playing a wide variety of other instruments and he has amassed a huge repertoire of tunes, many from lesser-known collections from the North-West.

Roy plays Wheatstone treble and tenor-treble English concertinas and acoustic guitar by Flambeau.

Neil's fiddle and octave fiddle are by Tim Phillips, and his older fiddle by A.L. Paulus jnr, Dresden, c.1920.

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