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Mischief Afoot


Mischief Afoot are a folk trio based in the Cotwolds in the UK. We play a mixture of English, Irish and American folk songs and tunes, as well as self-penned compositions.

We set out to entertain an audience with music for the heart, mind and feet and with songs to make them laugh, cry and sing along. The instrumental work can be dazzling, inventive, sensitive, playful or downright mischievous!

Our line-up consists of Becky Dellow on fiddle, John Davis on recorder and bodhran, and Jeff Gillett on guitar, mandola, mandolin, English concertina and vocals. Jeff and Becky, having played together in various groups for over two decades, have a musical understanding that can seem telepathic. But John, having played with them for only five years or so, is so firmly on the same wavelength that you wouldn’t recognise him as a newcomer.

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