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Derek Gifford


Derek has been singing for over 35 years and is well known as an excellent solo performer throughout the U.K and internationally. He has released several albums over this time. He is also a member of shanty group ‘Three Sheets to the Wind’.

Dereks first encounter with English traditional songs was in Birmingham in the late 1960s. In 1970 Derek moved to Lancashire and in 1987 he began writing tunes to Keith Scowcrofts poems culminating in the internationally recognised song When All Men Sing.

A number of the songs on this album are from other local song writers unaccompanied or accompanied simply but effectively on guitar or bowed psaltery with the support of concertina, fiddle, cello and oboe. Chorus songs are one of Dereks specialities and they are supported on this album by some great chorus singing.

Apart from his love of folk song Derek is also a keen birder and conservationist and many of the songs on this album reflect these interests giving it a strong green theme.


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