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Maggie Sand and Sandragon


Maggie Sand & Sandragon perform a unique blend of English traditional songs and hi-energy dance tunes from the mediaeval and Renaissance eras, played on crumhorns, recorders, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, bouzouki, mandola guitar and percussion.

In the middle of 2008 and during the recording of her fourth album "Susie Fair" (first album for Wild Goose records in England) Maggie Sand and Sandragon was born with Mark Powell on guitar, mandola, hurdy-gurdy and bouzouki, Malcolm Bennett on woodwinds, and Will Hughes on percussion. The band developed its trademark blend of traditional songs and hi-energy dance tunes from the medieval and Renaissance eras. (The dragon being the symbol which is found in both the English traditional tales of "St George & the Dragon", and the mythological dragon legends of medieval times.)


MAGGIE Sand studied classical piano from the age of five and grew up singing along with her mother, a professional opera singer, who introduced Maggie to a wide range of singers ranging from Maria Callas to Maddie Prior. Maggie then studied music in Canada, France and at Morley College in London. Now based in London, she has, during the past few years, released three solo albums in Germany with her other music project "Alquimia" ( the last two in collaboration with Mark Powell) and has also collaborated with many other German musicians such as Roedelius (Kluster) on other albums for the BSCMusic label.

MARK has worked with some of the folk world's leading figures such as the Steve Ashley Band and Mick Ryan's touring folk theatre group, Fieldwork. He has also worked as studio engineer and/or producer with luminaries such as The Albion Band, Belshazzar's Feast, Blowzabella, Fairport Convention, Hoover the Dog, Bert Jansch, Danny Thompson and many others.

In 2007 Maggie and Mark (voice and guitar) performed traditional songs from her latest album "Forever" around the folk club circuits in England, Switzerland and Germany, appearing in their own right and also as support to artists such as Martin Carthy, Jez Lowe and Johnny Collins. The duo then underwent a transformation when they were joined by Will Summers on crumhorns, recorders and flute, and Anthar Kharana on percussion. Maggie then added the harmonium, Mark added the hurdy-gurdy and bouzouki, and the four of them began to work as the ALQUIMIA BAND.

MALCOLM has played with bands that include Gryphon, The Home Service and the Michael Nyman Band. He also directed the music for Sir Peter Hall's production of the "Oresteia" at the National Theatre.

WILL Hughes started his music career as a drummer, then, after four years at the Academy of Contemporary Music, he went on to do a BA honours degree in contemporary music performance.

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