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Martin & Shan Graebe


Martin is best known as a singer and writer of songs in traditional style. Many of his songs, such as Jack in the Green and From Severn by the Somme have travelled the world and been recorded by a number of performers.
He is also recognised as the leading researcher, writer and expert on the work of the Victorian song collector Sabine Baring-Gould. Working with recently discovered manuscripts, he has led a major re-assessment of Baring-Goulds contribution to the folk revival and helped to bring a number of new songs back to life after more than a century.

Shan started singing folk songs as a school-girl. She even recorded a Cecil Sharp song for the BBC as a solo with the school choir. She continued singing as an adult in a number of different genres. She returned to folk a few years ago and met Martin at the Baring-Gould Study Break. Since then she has been responsible for transcribing a significant number of songs from the Baring-Gould manuscripts. This has included an exploration of the songs sung to Baring-Gould by women, identifying over 100 songs in the process.

They started singing together in harmony in 2003 and their repertoire includes songs from the tradition (particularly from the Baring-Gould manuscript collection), some of Martins own songs and some songs from other sources. They married in 2006.

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