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The Claque


Distilled from the legendary groups of old, four voices of depth and maturity blended to give warmth and harmony to the English tradition.

Dave Lowry
Sean OShea
Barry Lister
Tom Addison

The Claque came together, as a group, in 2006, ironically, in response to how excited we were at the performances we could put together after being asked to sing at the funerals of two dear friends, Martin Bloomer and later, Cyril Tawney.

Dave and Barry sang as one half of ISCA FAYRE in the nineteen-sixties and seventies. Tom was a member of the iconic SONGWAINERS in the nineteen-seventies and again, in the recently reformed line-up of the same group, with Barry. Sean sang with Barry in HOLLINMOR, again in the nineteen-seventies.

We'd all known each other for the best part of forty years and were singing in clubs and promoting festivals in the South-West, but it took the best part of twenty-five years before Tom, one day, said: We ought to sing together. So we did. We now combine the running of two clubs, EXETER and SIDMOUTH, with working in clubs and festivals wherever we're invited.


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