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George Papavgeris


How do you pronounce your name? George, of course!

Its been almost seven years since George Papavgeris songwriting career began, and five since his first album saw the light of day. But the road has in fact been much longer than that. From falling in love with early music, swapping his tonsils for his first guitar at 14 and singing protest songs in botes in Thessaloniki, Greece at the time of the colonels junta, via discovering folk (and my better third, he insists) in Oxford in the early 70s and singing in byzantine and other choirs, changing 16 addresses in 34 years as he moved around Europe; rejoining the folk scene at Herga (Harrow, Middlesex) in 2000; discovering his songwriting and performing muscles and then exercising them more and more for the edification of countless folk club- and festival-goers in the UK, Australia, Netherlands and US; almost 200 songs, a dozen covers and 6 albums; to this, his 7th album and his first on the WildGoose label.

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Life's Eyes WGS349CD

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