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Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz


David and I are originally from Suffolk, and lived there all our lives until moving to Somerset in 2003, where we have settled very happily in Cheddar with our three inspirational daughters Flora, Martha and Agnes.

Having been bought his first guitar at the age of seven, and attended a few Folk Guitar Group sessions, Davids musical career began in ernest and true to stereotype with a school rock band. A creature of habit, he is still playing with the same line-up some 35 years later! We like to think that, having more than one musical hat is thoroughly healthy, although we do occasionally have to remind him which band he is playing with!

My own musical career may have been forever limited to roadying for David, had it not been for a chance hearing of Norfolk squeezer, Tony Halls sublime accompaniments on Nic Jones iconic album Penguin Eggs. It was something of a must have moment. David, to my everlasting gratitude, gave me my first melodeon for Christmas 1997 and within a year I was playing in my first ceilidh band. We began playing together as a duo shortly after that.

Kate's father was an instrument maker, and she now plays a cello that he made for her. As a child at school she asked to learn the clarinet, but there were none left. Someone found an old cello at the back of a cupboard so she made do with that - lucky for us!

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