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Paul Wilson & Marilyn Tucker


Paul & Marilyn are directors of and the driving force behind Wren Music. They organise The Baring-Gould festival and have done lots of work to support research into his song collection. They also go out and perform this work but are not often seen outside The West Country.

Songs Of The West Heritage Project

A two year project involving Wren Trust, Devon Libraries, the Baring-Gould family and The National Trust has had the aim of copying the manuscript collection of Sabine-Baring Gould's work, including the Personal Copy Manuscript of over 650 songs collected by him as well as a large quantity of printed ballads and other popular literature from his library and issuing them in microfiche form. With their publication in the autumn of 1998 this material has become available for study and for a wider public to enjoy.

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Dead Maid's Land WGS292CD

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