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Hampshire Dances album musicians


Paul Sartin, Saul RoseTracks 1, 6 (Paul solo), 11 (Saul solo), 14.
Paul is a well known oboe and fiddle player. He was part of Belshazzars Feast and is presently a member of Bellowhead and the newly formed Dr Faustus. Saul was a member of the band Kings of Callicut. He is also a member of Dr Faustus with Benji Kirkpatrick and Paul Sartin.

Tim Laycock, Colin Thompson Tracks 2, 7, 13.
Tim Laycock was a member of the Melstock Band, and has worked with the Albion Band in 'Lark Rise'. Tim's current group is the New Scorpion Band. Colin Thompson edited The English Fiddle Tutor. He has played with Tim for many years as a duo.

Matt Green, Andy TurnerTracks 3, 8, 12, 15.
Matt Green has been playing fiddle since the age of 13, both for the Morris and with the Oxfordshire Woodpecker Band. Andy is a member of dance band Geckoes. He performs regularly at folk clubs and festivals, both solo and with Mat.

Will Duke, Dan QuinneTracks 4, 9.
Will and Dan sing traditional songs in unison and play English country dance tunes on melodeon and concertina. Dan was a founder member of Flowers and Frolics. Will was greatly influenced by the playing of the Scan Tester of Horsted Keynes, Sussex. He started playing concertina in Sussex in 1972.

Burlsedon Village Band Tracks 5, 10, 16 (with Bob Shatwell, Roger Watson, Paul Sartin).
Burlesdon Village Band was formed in 1977. Bursledon is a village near Southampton. Their choice of tunes is predominantly biased towards the Southern English repertoire.


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