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Tenants of The Earth by The Mellstock Band


Music of English Village bands of the last century: instrumental, male and female vocals and harmonies from The Mellstock Quire, early nineteenth century instruments, clarinets, flute, serpent, trombone, oboes, vox humana, fife, violin, concertina, percussion.

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Track Listing

1 Old Wiltshire  
2 The Persian Dance/The Waterloo Dance  
3 How Happys the Man  
4 Money Musk/Billy Boy/This Day the Stag Must Die/Fred Williams Irish Jig  
5 Budmouth Dears/The Downfall of Paris  
6 Sweet Jenny Jones  
7 Devils Reel/Money Musk/Haul Away the Hawser  
8 Newtons or St Pauls  
9 The Swiss Boy/William Giles Quadrille  
10 With Raptures Abounding  
11 The Original Polka/The Redowa Polka  
12 Great Things  
13 Grandmothers/Hooks no. 27/Cuckoos Nest  
14 Rejoice Ye Tenants of the Earth  
15 The Wounded Hussar/Time to Remenber the Poor  
16 Derby/The Knifegrinder/Ware Out Mother  
17 Rejoice All men  
18 Boneys Farewell/Hythe March/Newark Quickstep  
19 The Shepherds Amazed  
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